On Copic Paper

Marikit has been busy lately, doing some work for Artmedia Trading to compare and test some papers they sent me. And they did send me a few to work with. I was so excited to get my hands on the Copic Papers and Boards as well as my Tachikawa G-Pens that I conceptualized some pretty art for each paper.  I hope you all like it. Generally, I observed that Copic Paper retains its smoothness even after erasing heavily and pencilling– and some even after inking with the Tachikawa School G (which I used for all of the art below). The first one is


  Title: The Misadventures of Sucette Le Epices and Bonbon in Whimsyland
Materials: Copic Paper No. 6, 
Copics, Zig Kurecolor, Deleter Neopiko 2, Tachikawa School G Pen Image Here is the finished trial of Copic Paper No. 6. This is a great sheet of paper for Traditional Manga artists. The paper is smooth and nibs and pens just glide on it. and copics blend so easily. Even nib pens do not have a problem with it. I really enjoyed my experience with the paper. Bonus, the paper doesn’t bleed too much so you save on ink actually. I used a blend of copics, kurecolor and deleter on this thing, used my bleeding technique and the paper didnt tear. It held up beautifully even through tough erasing and inking. I would recommend and want to try more of it. Maybe, after the other sheets have been tested.


Title: Dear Alice
Materials: Copic PM Pad A4 White, 
Copics, Zig Kurecolor, Deleter Neopiko 2, Tachikawa School G PenImage Another paper test, this time, Copic PM Pad A4/ White. This time it’s a take on Alice, a princess like girl, very shoujo. She has no story, I just want it to look girly and sweet. She was kinda based of Alice in wonderland. But she also looks like a spoiled girl. haha… Anyway, this paper was a little hard to get used to at first. I felt it resisted color a little in the end it worked ok. I guess you have to make friends with this paper before you fully utilize it. Its good for those who want to blend colors in a watercolory type way since the ink dries out longer giving you time to work. Oh! its smooth even after heavy erasing.. but it seems that it also kind of rejects ink. my lines from Tachikawa G easily lifted off this paper. Scanning though, it produced brilliant color. So I liked it. The texture was interesting too. it gives it a real traditional painted feel


Title: Rivaille: A Touch of Royalty
Materials: Copic Paper 101 No. 2, 
Copics, Zig Kurecolor, Deleter Neopiko 2, Tachikawa School G Pen Image This one is Copic Paper 101 No.2. like other copic papers, its smooth to the finish, however, this one bleeds and warps on me even if it blended my colors well. It did NOT tear but, i was having time fighting with the warping … its alright i guess for those who use colors lightly – i probably made the wrong choice and drew Heichou ( SNK ‘s Levi) on there. XD He was colored pretty heavily. Though I am happy with how it turned out, the scanning of this proved to be brilliant as well, and it has a natural feel. Plus, it really did well blending the colors.  I don’t think I’ll buy this  — it doesnt suit my style  but for those light colorists, this is a great paper!

Title: Rozen Maiden
 Materials: Copic Manga Paper.. the rest ditto like above Image This piece was fun and well ambitious, I LOVE Rozen Maiden so I tried this piece and  i love how it turned out. It may be a bit messy but i love how the colors are blending and fading on this piece. Copic Manga is a great board to work with, it blends paper easily and is one of my favorites. It gives my work brilliance at the lightest stroke of the brush.its got a smooth finish, and doesnt bleed easily, it is a board so it doesnt warp. it is a board that made me feel pro just because it is so easy to work with. I would definitely buy this one again since I love it.

Title: Pippin and Lotte: The Prince Puppeteer and his Doll
Materials: Copic paper 101 no 3 (ditto on other materials)
 Image Pippin and Lotte, the Prince of puppeteers and his doll. I love this piece so much From concept to coloring (though I did mess up on the Background) I used Tachikawa School G Sepia for the inks so it looks virtually lineless! ❤ Copic paper 101 No 3 is a thicker brother to the Copic Paper No 6 I used with Sucette  above.. The paper  is virtually bleedproof smooth and easy to work with easily one of my favorites  The paper itself lends the smoothness of copic paper, it doesnt warp or bleed as much and its copic friendly. I am thinking of getting this and No. 6 or (a 4 or 5 ) if you have them,  I am thinking that the lower the number of the paper the higher the thickness.


I really hope that these tips help. If you are choosing paper and are ordering manga supplies, check out Artmedia Trading a Philippine Based FB trader with the friendliest staff and great service! If you are doing a manga upload it to pmangahub. com and join the growing number of mangakas! ❤ I hope you enjoy creating

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