Marikit’s Wonderland

10154228_10153991133825085_879832950_nAs I was thinking about my blog. I decided to revamp it to make it into something more personal. I am a artist and I know that my blog should reflect it completely. So with watercolors, I created this picture of me and my dog zemo (in humanform) in manga style to show who I am. The design of that art was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland therfore making it my own little fantasy world.

If you want to know how this was created jump down to the cut.

1011024_10153987709165085_1298878681_nI started with a sketch and tested out the watercolor and inks I was going to use on the head. finding it good I proceeded to do the basecolors.

1468580_10153987858065085_2122278000_nBase colors are light washes of color that allows you to block out your piece and plan which color goes where. You dont detail too much at this point because all you want is to plan where colors go. I also started to ink some dry parts here… well because Im too excited.



After blocking, i start painting in details and inking. Just so. this was the fun part because I work layer after layer and I could start to see it come alive.


This is how it looks like when almost all the character details are done. Now off to make the background. I start painting in cool washes of color and adding on to it bit by bit.


A bit more….



And finally detail the other things needed to be inked. like the cards, the paintbrushes the pallette etc. I do spatter effects with various colors for fun.

And there you have it. My blog cover is done!! ❤ I love it and it was fun to create!  Do you like it?


4 thoughts on “Marikit’s Wonderland

  1. marikit..are you a fellow Filipino as well? I just got back to blogging as well, i have tried 2x before, and somehow i felt lost on both. I agree with you, it really should be a reflection of us being an artist and finding our own niche’ 🙂

    1. Yup I am filipino too. And you just got back into blogging? Wow. Thats great! Good luck in blogging again. I want to see your art so keep posting.

      I also hope you find your own niche!!

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