Looking through Rainbow Colored Lenses

Looking Through Rose Colored Lenses watercolor Watercolor Paper 140 Coldpress ©Little Miss Marikit (Maia Castañeda)

Looking Through Rainbow Colored Lenses
Watercolor Paper 200 Coldpress
©Little Miss Marikit (Maia Castañeda)

I had some time to kill before I commuted off to class last Tuesday. So while my niece was doing ART in my room, i took some of the water she was using and doodled on a board I stretched for another painting. I was just putting colors on the board randomly and it turned out to be this colored portrait of myself. Kinda mangaish because I really wasn’t thinking back then, but in retrospect– WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT?

The colors really showed  the muddled and colorful and many thoughts that were inside my head that day. The forms were there too. It was fun quick and satisfying. Relaxing too ! It made me feel good just before I went to class!

7 thoughts on “Looking through Rainbow Colored Lenses

  1. Wow, this is really cool–I dig your style and use of watercolors a lot–you have a lot of skill rendering bold, beautiful colors and shapes.

  2. you still have classes? Its April and summer! haha. I never really had the guts to do watercolor again, i really suck at it. I did try and practice for some time but its not the medium for me. Glad you can control the colors 🙂

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