Marikit ‘s Summer Art workshop

Summer Kin

Learn how to paint, draw and create! Beat the summer heat with creativity and express and explore the talent GOD has given you.

Tentative Schedule:


Week 1 – Smock Making

— Recognizing

Figures/Shapes and Forms


–using solid colors

Week 2 – Art Box Making (decoupage)

— Recognizing Colors and

mixing Colors/ Colorwheel

—  Pointillism/ Swirling


Week 3 –  Secret Messages/

( Crayon Etching/Scratch Art)

– Wax resist

—Lesson on Figure Drawing

Week 4-  Colors and


– sandpaper art/tissue paper art



Week 5 – Superheroes! Princesses and more!

– Paper Plate Mask

– Toilet Roll heroes/ Princesses

Week 6-  Mess week!

Painting My world

Finger Painting

Coffee Painting

Week 7 – Mommy and Me

— Plaster Print

— Drawing Mommy and Me.


Week 8 – FINAL! Art gallery day and Demo/ Puppet Show

If you have any kids in my area that wants to learn, or if you want to learn, I don’t mind teaching adults too!