Sports Manga and ACEO Fever

So Lately I have been addicted to sport mangas and anime. So I made fanart … A LOT.
These are ACEO sized marker arts. the scanner ate most of the colors. GAH.. but arent they cute?

These are from Daiya No Ace, Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyuu… Next I will do area no kishi



Image Image


3 thoughts on “Sports Manga and ACEO Fever

  1. i can only count one sports theme anime that i’ve watched. and of course that will be Slam dunk, haha. There was a time that i also watched prince of tennis though i wasn’t able to finish the series. I like your fanart of the one with hako. I love the blue shade that you use , and the contrasting color of yellow and red. 🙂

    1. thanks ! thats from Yowamushi pedal. ^__^ one of my favorite characters. I am addicted to sportsmangas lately and i have finished PoT! ❤

      Try Haikyuu and Daiya no Ace. ^_^ its fun. Oh, so now what anime are you watching

      1. i don’t watch a lot of anime now, though i still enjoy watching replays of yuyu hakusho in animax.and also replaying movies from studio ghibli, honey and clover series, and nana. haha, i’m sooo old school. I bet if they replay samurai x, i’ll watch it over again.

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