Book Cover: Flames and Family I

10362475_10201177913970537_1299400204_n I’ve been running like a chickenwith my head cut off lately. So busy that audit is coming and a bazillion other things are going on. But then I always find time for art and thats one thing that keeps me going in a time like this.

And of course, once my friend Madashes2ashes (Eli Ashpence) told me she was releasing a new version of Flames and Family (her uber famous KHR novel/fanfiction) I jumped at the chance to do covers.

This is the first of 5 covers that I am doing. If you havent  already go over to Deviantart and check out her work or at

This is the 2nd book cover Ive done, the first is for Killing Kate from Lila Veen. (check her out on Amazon as well)…