I am an artist who gets attached to each piece I make. Is that wrong? How wrong is it to be proud of a piece? AND how is it wrong to be frustrated. Why am I suddenly the bad guy for being frustrated?

I do take critiques quite seriously. I take them all into consideration. But, sometimes, it gets to a point where I feel really feel down.

and thats wrong?

I grew up in an environment where what I do is wrong or not accepted. They say I am wasting time in art though that is what I love to do. They should be proud that I dont party, I dont do drugs nor do I go out.

I spend most of my time with the family at home and my only ME time is art.


…. Now I cant even think. I just want to cry.

One thought on “WHY AM I SO WRONG?

  1. myfeydandelion

    i dont think it’s wrong to be attached. it’s just how it is. I get so attached to a particular piece i can’t let it go even if it’s a commission. I guess it’s a fact that you put so much of yourself into your art that it’s become like your child – something like that. I think that’s just a good indicator that you don’t create half-assed stuff and you take yourself too seriously and it’s a good quality. Of course we can all learn how to gradually act professionally even if it is our own art. Don’t be sad! Just continue what you’re doing as long as you feel it is right x Goodluck ! xx

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