I am still alive! (somewhat)

After a long hiatus, I’m back again. I’m not dead. Just busy and I have been sick a lot. Sorry about that. Asthma and my right side pain has always been bothering me so I was doomed to rest. Which was one bad thing since I have a convention coming up.

I’ll be in Best of ANime (Sept 19-21) at SMX Moa. BOOTH A1. ^__^ Check me out with a friend, Zie reyes. We are sponsored by Pmangahub and Artmedia trading. Looking forward to meeting some artists and chat with them about materials and stuff!!

I’ll be back soon to upload my videos, tutorials and random art stuff here. So keep tuned in…

Oh! I updated my commission information!  I decided to stick to traditional art. Hopefully, this sells! ^__^

I have also been working on portraits lately– its back to colored pencil for me… wanna see?

IMG_20140828_0001 IMG_20140828_0002

Kenshin and Yamashita Tomohisa. I am glad i still have the hang of my pencils. In fact I missed them!

This is my current work in Progress. Cho from kenshin. The details on it kill me since I have no idea how to do his hair. At least I succeeded in doing his armor. XD

Will try to be more regular in posting here!