UPDATES: Art Books and Art Groups

I have been idle in the blog for a bit after BOA to take care of some personal things such as health and my grandma but since then, I have not stopped creating. I average something around an artwork a day. Anyway, things have been busy in the creation process since I had huge projects — commissioned portraits and stuff to do. Generally been good.

onoda x onodathe art o the left is one of those commissions for a friend who loves ONODA. Particularly proud of this one because it showcases both my styles, manga/anime and portraiture. I was also commissioned for a few portraits which I wont post but I think, I am growing in the world of realism. In fact, I am moving on — from colored pnencils, watercolor, charcoal I am now making friends with Pastel,


10723224_10154733051860085_1016193723_nMy attempt at pastel portraiture is none other than my baby, Ichinose Hidekazu. And I think I did anokkay job at it.  (more bout pastel art in another post but I had to mention it)

Friends from the previous cons have also been plenty. So, we decided to make one of our groups — at least one that was formed to make an artbook for sports manga official. I am one of the core members of CODE: F an all female artist group whose first project is to make a sportsmanga artbook.

My WIP is on the right. XD well.. its done now just putting out a teaser to show you guys. I never intended to really do realism for the artbook. IN fact, i wanted to try manga style art in copics and all but since I had to make do with what i had, I only had colored pencils and pastels on hand I did this with the deadline coming.  XD a semi-realism of Todou and maki which i think looks pretty hot.

The resto fo the entries in CODE: F look great too! I mean, there are a lot of great artists in the group such as Eienflower, Aubrey Dagal (creator of KULAY and Ophir), Yume neko Chan, chloe haavengard, my partner- Banana Sai, Laiden Cerise from Requiem Triad, Aquamista, Arciel Freeder, Alice Go Sora and more. The first artbook is to be released soon! NOVEMBER

Also, my art will be in Circle PF’s Elven Artbook. To be released in komiket aswell in November

And in the works is a tokusatsu based artbook by me and a good friend Alex MOndia– we need a digital effects guy too bbut it will feature kamen riders and more! I do need to work on it fast, but so far, with the time I have and the resources I can only work on practice for the artbook.

Wow. All this talk about artbooks make me think so much about how much I have achieved in november. What was once a dream might just be a reality…