A Rant and Mochi, the cat

First of all, I guess some more learned people have read my blog and frankly disagrees with some of the things I have said here. I do know that I am in no way an expert and am still learning about the craft. I am merely sharing what I know and yes if what I say is “RIDICULOUS” then it must be so, but I know this : My blog has helped a lot of people and I will continue to write this blog to help other artists learn more.


1908161_844994755552131_7492325034892898035_nNow that I got that off my chest, I haven’t blogged in a while right? Well, perfectly good reason for that. Things had started to become crazy in the office! But then, I have never forgotten about art.

Lately, I have started to rekindle my love for colored pencils and decided that I should conquer my fear of drawing animals and fur. I took a picture of my friend’s cat and  decided to draw Mochi. He’s such an adorable and special little kitty so I really wanted to capture him especially his emerald eyes.

I actually was scared of doing the fur. First, I have had little to no experience of drawing any sort of animal >.> second, it just seems daunting to render something soft and fluffy and I didnt want it to turn into something like an alien.

So I plunged on using some knowledge in layering and little strokes as well as some tutorials off the net. It was a really intimidating task but Mochi seems to be asking me nicely to draw him.

As with all my art, I start with the eyes. It was a make or break for me and i I had to ask for reference from Mochi’s owner Brian.


AND LOOK!! I actually succeeded in creating glass eyes! I am so happy! ❤ I used prismacolors — I have to look at the numbers again, but mostly light greens, blue greens and yellows to create this effect. I also can’t believe that the picture looks like an actual cat. XD

So, yay! I think I can do this. I’ll update more soon!

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