All things new

Happy New year!

New Marikit StudiosI realized that I haven’t posted here since the year has changed and I think as bloggers go, I kinda suck at keeping up. I do have some valid excuses.

I had to set up and move to a new house, which means new studio as you can see on the right. I designed the studio as my own safehaven, a place where I can be myself. Its served me well for the past few days, though I still have a lot to add to it.

Anyway, I realized that I haven’t posted the picture of Mochi. So I think I need to do that now. XD He was finished a few days before the holidays and it was really fun drawing him. It was the first time I drew an actual animal with a ton of fur. Plus those glass EYES! I am proud of myself!The owner loved him and I hope to frame him and give it as a present soon..

Mochi,  Colored Pencils 2014

Mochi, Colored Pencils 2014

I have also been productive with watercolors and copics lately and most of my work can be seen in my facebook page this is one of my favorites, Lumen: Light of the forest. Done to ease the pain of not being able to go to a certain trip. I drew her quite lonely in the forest. though, the bg is messy. I’ll work on creating more BGs soon.


For this new year, I hope to bring more tutorials and stuff that I learned about in my journey into art.
ENJOY 2015