Paigeeworld profileLately I have been enjoying posting my work on this site called It’s a pretty young social media for artists and by artists. It was started by Youtube sensation Paigee rohrick (sp) and she now has a great place for artists to convene and just be artists.

There are a bunch of tutorials and activities there for the Younger artists and those beginner artists, especially in the Manga and anime style can learn the basics with ease and fun! They constantly upgrade stuff so theres  a LOT to do there and I have enjoyed  talking to the artists there and sharing my art. Perhaps one day, I will share tutorials — but not yet.

Proud to say I’ve reached the 1000th follower mark there.
Its really easy to use – i mean if you have instagram, its pretty much the same only for artists and they have categories so you can easily put your art in there. You can search for art follow great artists and have them come up prettily in your feed. Ive followed and befriended amazing artists there such as dacdacgirl, shiyado and a lot of other sweet friends who are always there to encourage you to make more art. And its available on ios, android and on PC!

People are friendly and its been fun. I think I want to have more friends there and I really hope you come join me there as well too! Find me there:


Other things : I’ll TRY To bring back some of my tutorials.