I’ve been Trolled!

Today, I have been trolled. It was rather cute. Thanks Troll!

I agree with critiques. Even if they are as unkind as the one I got in this blog a few days ago. I agree that I have lack of skill, that I still have much to learn and that I shouldn’t quit my day job (don’t worry, I can’t even if i wanted to). My anatomy sucks (yep, agreed again — it’s a love-hate relationship, me and anatomy!) and I generally still suck!

That means I still I have a lot to learn. I still am growing as an artist, that is a given and I am a hobbyist who wanted a chance at commissions. (and believe me, I get commissioned.) What is in this blog is my opinion and what I know.

So what gives anyone the right to clip my wings and not try at the very least to share what I can? Thanks for the opinion. It brought me encouragement to try harder – but for trolls, i think they are rather hard to please. ( you know, them disliking everything) so, I’d like this to be an encouragement to all other normal beings out there.

And for the record, I haven’t really put my new stuff here, (been lazy to) so! ( I should though) So here’s a few of the copic works that I have ( still have NOT uploaded my watercolor works) to show that I ahve been working (though lurking) at this place. I will though, upload some of my watercolor studies today so watch for itEratofinal ZhravenandPuck

3 thoughts on “I’ve been Trolled!

  1. Why are you agreeing with naysayers. Love yourself, and strive to be better on your own terms. Positive encouragement can do that. Beautiful art by the way. Gorgeous troll drawing. Hang in there.

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