Facebook Milestone: 1000 Likes

1000 Facebook LikesWow, So It finally happened. 1,000 Facebook Likes! (Actually, by now it was something like 1,250 likes or something) BUT WHERE DID ALL OF YOU GUYS COME FROM? I really am grateful for all the support and for all those who believe and like my art.

I actually feel overwhelmed. I dont know if I am actually good enough but I will do art and continue posting anyway because of my love for the craft. The fact that people like what I post is totally a blessing to me and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

I have a lot in store for everyone in the coming month which may include the release of WHIMCIRCUSICAL, my graphic and illustrated novel, a tapastic manga, a VLOG and more speedpaints to come!

I think it will be an exciting year of learning for Marikit about art and I do hope I make more connections using this media!