Venturing into the World of Tapastic

It’s always been a goal of mine to start a webcomic. It has been a perpetual goal since I love reading them and has always admired the skills and patience of mangakas and comic artists. I mean, comics do take time and patience and commitment. You can’t just put a comic on there and leave it. It takes a lot from the artist and putting your story out there is nervewracking.

That is probably why I have not done it before now.  This isn’t even mine alone. This is the brainchild of me and the mad banana, my partner at Saimai studios. She and I had this universe started in 2011 — and its now 2015. After millions of words we’ve written together, we have finally decided to release this little webcomic to see if our inner universe can attract readers or even amuse a little.

The first character we’re letting go of to explore the world of webcomics is one of my favorite brainchildren. Hachimiya Hayato.   His journal is all about his musings as a self-proclaimed alien living in Hanamori Preparatory School. I am hoping we can make this amusing enough.

The teaser chapter is up on Tapastic: Kindly help us by reading, subscribing and even supporting us.  Feedback and comments also help!