Painting Flora

Stargazer lily in Watercolor

Stargazer lily in Watercolor (littlemissmarikit)

I haven’t been on much. Work and real life had gotten in the way and I haven’t drawn/painted as much as I wanted to. However, I still have had some output. i am still on a watercolor kick. and I still want to learn how to paint with this medium so the first things I want to learn is flora.

Ok, I admit. I find it a boring subject. I mean painting frilly flowers has never been my style. I use them,of course to bring color to my art,but Ive never really focused on them as the subject of my painting. well.. until now.

I am a  believer of learning at least everything once so I did.

Was I up for a surprise. The practice piece I did, on the right, Stargazer Lily, looks ok but it really feels so 2D— I still cant draw realistic flowers. Which kind of pisses me off because they were supposed to be a mundane subject.

Boy was I wrong! Painting flowers can be hard too and you have to capture everything about them. The colors, the way the light touches them, the foilage underneath, the details in the pistils and other parts, the colors underneath, the shadows  and the list goes on. I was really lost when I painted flora.

So, I decided to learn more. The Piece below is a lotus flower and I really had a tough time with it. not only did painting white flowers pose a challenge (reflective colors and such) but because it was on water, which I have NOT learned yet. ( I will challenge it soon) reflections are hard to learn too and I have to capture all colors as realistically as possible. though it looks better, still i am not too satisfied. I guess I need to paint more flowers to learn them. It may take years, but I am pretty sure that the journey will be challenging and fun

Lotus and Lilypads 2015

Watercolor on Bienfang A4