Festus the Dragon and the ARGO II


Festus the Dragon, Watercolor, Coldpress 2015 by Little Miss Marikit (Maia Castaneda)

I am still on a Percy Jackson Hype. In fact, I should be posting art of the demigods right now ( I could probably do it after this quick post) but I am more excited to blog about this bronze Dragon.  Festus the dragon – a character from the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan.  I love that series and I am on the 3rd read. ( well audio book – I love listening to the voices). This bronze dragon was created from Celestial Bronze, and fixed by Leo Valdez in Heroes of Olympus to transport them on their quest.

I painted Festus to challenge myself, really. I used to do a ton of details in my painting and I knew i could do it but had no inspiration to. I needed to move out of my comfort zone (doing busts) and start doing things with background and details. I am pretty confident in painting bronze (old things) so this was a good art piece for me.

I failed the BG though. I should have planned more.

Anyway, Festus was broken in the first book and was reborn into this

tumblr_nt2nc4ckMV1qbaew9o1_540A beautiful masthead for a flying greek trireme. It was daunting to draw, but I managed to finish this Trireme with a lot of detail and actually made a sky background to g along with it. The first time to do a dark background. I wanted the effect that it was flying off the page and so i didnt really plan for the edge… (again with planning a piece)  but I think its a pretty good take on the trireme, don’t you think? Leo would be proud of me. XD

Anyway,  mostly done with watercolor (winsor newton) and 2 of my most challenging pieces to date.

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