Jellyfish and Sushi

I am practicing my watercolor skills and have been experiencing a few bumps in the road. I mean, I could paint birds, cats and people. So I thought I could easly paint a jellyfish.

BUT WAIT. No, I can’t . kurage

That’s about the best I could muster,  BUT believe me I WILL conquer them. I will draw and paint these beautiful and majestic jellies and I will be able to draw their ethereal beauty.

I realized that to be able to paint a really good jellyfish, aside from their shape, and color, you need to learn how to paint light. because they glow. I want to paint that glow and to do that, I need to learn a LOT more.

So I decided to go another way.

I recently got a new watercolor sketchbook and so I decided that this should be filled with paintings that challenge me so I can learn more and eventually master watercolor enough to paint Jellyfish. I thought that I was stagnating and needing to step out of my comfort zone to be able to grow so, I decided to paint something very close to my heart.



The first challenged proved a bit successful. Don’t you think? I do think that it looks close enough to the real thing. I do plan to do more food painting in the future, actually, I think I could do jellies, soup and other realistic food art to challenge myself.

Anyway, I think I am hungry for sushi, so see you again soon!!