Tiny Paintings


I actually did something this weekend that made me quite happy. I did some watercolor tests/thumbnails on a piece of Arches 300 GSM Rough here it is below. I tested myself on freehanding some things and well I think I still need a lot of practice.

So, little bird on the top was a test on brighter colors. The Koi Fish is actually a test if I can actually paint fish and I think I did ok. the Inspire tag is an idea for a journal border, although my lettering needs a LOT of work. I love the feathers and the varying colors though. The Jellyfish is my tiny attempt .. but it is still a fail. The Cat and the snowy mountain is just a salt test. ( I put wayyy too much) and I did another feather one which I love. I would probably just delete the wonky lettering below.



It’s not that bad and in fact, I do like some of the designs that I came up with. I don’t mind sticking birdy and fishy on my journal actually or blowing them up for a full painting. So still I am a work in progress and here’s hoping for mastery and praying for improvement.