Food Art Friday: Sakuranbo to Ringo (Cherries and Apples)


To those who read Kanji, don’t laugh. I didn’t bother changing it since I already made a mistake. To those who dont, phew!! That’s a cherry… Sakuranbo in Japanese and I painted this for my Food art fridays.

Paappleinting cherries is similar to painting apples they start with the lightest lemon yellow and I gradually build up the gradient to reds and purples. I guess whats different is the way you render apples and cherries. Cherries are smoother and dont have the lines that apple have. also, cherries have unusual shapes and are smaller, thus a challenge to actually render.

Painting fruit teaches me how to layer color and play with light. I think though, I need more practice, but that’s why I am doing this Food Art Friday.