New Watercolor Journal

I was very sick this week and I got hit by a bug last Sunday and sadly didn’t make it to my niece’s birthday this week. So, I was at home,  and was staring at my studio and decided to be productive and update this blog.

I actually started a watercolor journal again this week that is dedicated to watercolor studies. I used a A4 sized Monologue Sketch book which is just the right size for me. The inside cover, I used to make a color chart and mixing thing of my favorite travel palette, the Winsor and Newton travel box which I got from the sweet Jane Fox of Artsy Lifestyle PHwho has always been my enabler.


I started doing studies of things I want to paint in my sketchbook which included some landscape ( I really suck at it), animals, techniques, quick thumbnail sketches of my art and even some character sketches. See the slideshow below for some samples

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I want to get into the habit of noting down things about my art I want to improve. I also want to note down colors I used.  The journal really helped me see where I need to study in my art and where my strengths lie.

I’ll be linking  below to my flipthrough later. ^__^ watch out for it!