Portable Watercolors: Bringing your Palette with you

I used to think that doing art outside was a hassle because you had to bring STUFF with you. By that, I meant you had to bring an easel, paint, waterbuckets, brushes, mediums, canvas, papers and so on. But lately, I’ve seen artists go out in the world and do travel journaling – and do wonderful watercolors without breaking their back  to bring all the heavy equipment. That’s where I discovered the beauty of portable watercolor palettes.

Although, I have bought some of the portable ones like the Winsor and Newton Travel Kit and the Sakura Koi Field box 24s I find them very bulky to carry around and a bother to paint with while I am on the go. So I just brought the Winsor with me and bring a huge bag.

But as I was reading about people who do plein air art and travel journaling, I found that some carry their own palette in an altoid tin case.  I also found an excellent tiny set from Sennelier from the Craft Central that was compact enough for my needs.  So this is what I ended up with


At the lower right, I have my Sennelier Aqua Mini set that comes with 8 colors and a teeny tiny brush. This is an excellent starter set I got from Craft Central. As you can see I already tried it out on my Lechtturm and it is beautiful!

The Sennelier aqua mini comes with:

  1. Primary Yellow           574
  2. French Vermillion     675
  3. Cinerous Blue
  4. French Ultramarine Blue
  5. Pthalo Green Light
  6. Sap Green
  7. Burnt Umber
  8. Payne’s Grey

I think it’s a good full palette as it has some of the good elements of a basic pallette but I found it lacks some reds and yellow for my taste so I expanded my palette to another altoid tin.

  1. WInsor Newton Hooker Green Dk13934738_10157392000420085_673663622565893495_n
  2. WInsor Newton Burnt Sienna
  3. Winsor Newton Lemon Yellow
  4. Sennelier Turquoise Green
  5. Winsor Newton Diox. Violet
  6. Venetia Cerulean Blue
  7. Winsor Newton Ivory Black
  8. Winsor Newton YEllow Ochre
  9. Venetia Rose Lake
  10. \Winsor Newton permanent Rose
  11. Winsor Newton Alizarin Crimson
  12. Winsor Newton Winsor Red

This completes my palette for on the go painting which I cant wait to try out! I used both sennelier and my palette for a quick test of my color wheel. for the circular one, I used sennelier’s French vermillion, Primary yellow and French ultra marine blue.  For the color bar at the bottom I used the one from my extension tin, alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue and lemon yellow.

The Sennelier set gave me a good range of color, although a bit muted for my taste. The extension tin which I filled up with my choice of colors gave me some vibrancy that I love.


I love these colors and I do think I will use it! I also tried the brush but I probably won’t use it much except for detail work because its tiny.  I will probably use my waterbrushes with these and just go to town! I can’t wait to see these in action for Food art friday tomorrow!

If you are interested to build your own you can do it with the following colors:

  1. Greenish Yellow       – like Lemon Yellow
  2. Orangey Yellow   – Gambogue/ primary yellow
  3. Blueish Green                – Viridian
  4. Yellowish Green         – Pthalo green light or Sap green
  5. Purply Red   – alizarin Crimson
  6. Orangey Red – Vermillion
  7. Greenish Blue –    Cerulean or
  8. Purply Blue – Pthalo Blue or French Ultramarine

You can also find the supplies with the following local suppliers in the Philippines

  1. DE’s Artroom – Daniel Smilth
  2. Craft Central
  3. Artisan Mnl – Tins
  4. The opinionated art store – tins and paints
  5. Artsy Lifestyle PH
  6. Artillery
  7. Oil Paint Store
  8. Deovir
  9. Art Nebula PH
  10. Craft Carrot
  11. Morning LIght

Next week, I will show you the contents of my watercolor bag!


Happy Painting!


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