Fountain Pen Inks and a Flying House

Title: House of the Master Tinker
Novel: Whimcircusical ( My Original Novel)
Materials: Tomoe River Paper, Fountain Pen, Copics White Copic Ink

The video is a clip of how I drew  “House of the Master Tinker” , which is the home of my favorite muse and the protagonist of my Fantasy novel, “Whimcircusical”. It is home to the whimsical and magical Chester Whimsy and Poppy Le Frou, Potions Mistress. The home is designed to be a magical lair for their concoctions, creations and the base for all their adventures.

I did this piece mostly to practice before I did a major gallery piece for the Fountain Pen Day Gallery  on November 5-6,2016 at SMX Aura. I really don’t do galleries/exhibits but I got invited and I was thrilled! I do love inked art and enjoy creating them so I am looking forward to it.

The Making of the Piece

This piece is done on Tomoe River Paper, same paper as the Hobonichi Paper. Smooth but darn so fragile. It’s easy to wrinkle and so i taped it down to my drawing board, even that didn’t help much.  I wonder if I can iron it out or heat straighten it?

The piece was inked with fountain pen inks  like J.Herbin , KWZ – Orange (iron Gall), Pilot Iroshizuku inks and Fountain pens which I found very fun to do. It’s the first time I am doing this kind of art so experimenting was part of the fun.  I was especially impressed with the KWZ ink that seems to work magic on my paper. The orange color turned gold and then a great dark shade which I would love to use in future paintings. I experimented on blending inks and with the grass and got good results. I really had fun in making new techniques which I can use in my next illustrations.

For those who want to know where I got my stuff, I got them from Everything Calligraphy and Pengrafik.

I’ll be scanning the piece soon and linking and posting it to this post after.


To all in the Know: This is proof that work is getting done to finish the story that has been in my head for a long time.

I realized that I didnt really post about my novel. I just haven’t had the time and will tell you more about it in a separate blog post. And yes, the house is inspired by Howl’s moving castle but I think I made it all my own.The story however, is completely original.

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