Starting The Artist Way

Image result for the artists wayI am struggling with my creativity, believe it or not. So  upon the good advise of  my friend, Clair (@claircolors), I decided to pick up this book on Kindle. THE ARTISTS WAY by JULIE CAMERON.  I heard about this from a lot of friends and have read a lot of good things about this. But I really am not the type to do things like these. Self – help books are really not my kind of books. But really, it is something that I should start reading.

I have done the morning pages before and they have worked for me but I am always rushing around in the morning and usually am tired when i get home at night. But I do like journaling so I want to give it a go. (More like it is an excuse to use a new journal again) So here I am going to attempt this. I will be journaling about this journey and how it helped me.  Lets see how long I can keep this up.!