The Portable Art Kit


Hi there! Its been a while. Life just got me busy but I am back and I have a lot of things planned for Marikit Studios.  I have been creating a lot lately and there are times when I just have to draw and I dont want to carry a big kit to do so., The trouble with art is sometimes people think that you have to have Big things to create. That is definitely not true. I like small things. This is how I carry my watercolor set with me. for urban sketching, on the go journaling, jotting things down and just general drawing.

You dont have to carry a whole studio to get work done especially out on the scene. Simple things like a pencil, eraser, a pen and a sketchbook can help you put those sudden ideas on paper so you can remember them or use them for future paintings or help you pass the time. Below I will share you my mini portable art kit.

back pocket

The Portable art kit’s back pocket

I often post lunchtime sketches in my instagram when I can do them. It was my way to relax midday and bring a little creativity in my day.  I only carry around this  little Moleskine wallet that I found on sale in one of my favorite stationary store. The wallet has a pocket in the front and back which can carry my small 6 color watercolor pallette, small pencil, eraser, small winsor newton brush pen, waterbrush and some stencils. I even carry some palette paper, wax paper and tissues (for blotting) and my tiny moleskine pocket sketchbook.  It is just enough for me to create art without using anything bulky or heavy. the size of my kit is only A6 and it can fit in any purse or pack that I can carry!



If you are curious about the colors in my palette: it is a CMYK based. Pthalo Blue (Holbein), Lemon Yellow (Holbein) , Quid Rose (Holbein), Paynes Grey (sennelier), Lamp Black , and Sepia by Daler Rowney in the corner. This is just enough to create any color that I need and sometimes, i carry around a white pen for highlights.

I enjoy carrying this around when I am waiting for friends at a cafe, having lunch, and traveling and I dont go out without it. With this, I have no excuse NOT to create!

Do you have a portable kit with you? I would love to see!

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