This is definitely happening. I got this sketchbook from a friend here in Japan who remains to be unnamed. She challenged me to do this BIG BADASS SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE which is simply the SKETCHBOOK SLAM CHALLENGE (#sketchbookslam) that has a lot of the artists on all forms of social media going.  Basically, its a challenge to fill this 600 page 8×10 sketchbook in one month. I see a lot of the finished sketchbook tours on youtube, instagram and facebook and I thought “WOW!” is that actually possible?

However, since I have a life and I think it would be more productive for me if I can do this challenge without killing my hand. I decided to do things a little differently.

I am currently challenge myself to finish this BIG BADASS SKETCHBOOK and pay it forward and send the challenge to another friend who should do the same once I finish the challenge. The rules of the  MODIFIED SKETCHBOOK SLAM CHALLENGE will be basically to fill this 600 page sketchbook within 3 months  (6  pages per day) with quality sketches or drawings. The pages should be dated and should not be torn (there are page numbers).

I already started last September 1st and is continuing it with the #Sketchtember themes. It would also house some of my Inktober 2018 and other future challenges that I am going to join . I think its a good idea to keep a sketchbook so you can see how much you have grown in style and  what you have learned.

I find it both challenging and engaging to keep drawing in the same sketchbook.  Some of my recent art like GROOT and SUPERMAN   was part of this project as well.  I will soon post a sketchbook tour and a portfolio where you can see the photos of my sketchbook progress soon! Here are some of my favorite sketches from page 1-50 of the Sketchbook Slam.


To see my progress you can follow me on Social media! the links are on the sidebar!!

Keep on Thinking, Creating, Dreaming, and Believing!

One thought on “The MODIFIED SKETCHBOOK SLAM Challenge

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