Atelier Diaries 002: First Plate done and Problem Solving

42917024_10161205104745085_45367086712619008_nThis plate took 6 hours of my life. I am both glad and kind of want to go back and fix some things but it is finished. I should be happy and move on to the next plate. I worked on this plate for 2 sessions in the atelier. Way too long for one plate . But that was just it, I was learning how to slow down. I wanted to make sure that I was doing it all right. That was why I was in the Atelier.

ALMOST? But not quiteThere was a point in the plate when I thought I was done. And when I checked the plate with the tracing…  GAH! I was off, I mean it was just a little bit but I had to move everything up by at least half  a centimeter. Some of the angles were not right too. But at the very least, it was nearly there.

I needed to break some bad habits and learn again to see. I usually draw fast and flowy but from a few sessions, found myself improving leaps and bounds – just because I was observing better.  I was learning to see and solve problems better  and to confirm again and check my work. I learned to use tools like the skewer, measuring with a compass and plumbing to check the relationships of things in my work.

It was a good challenge and learning experience. I feel that I am learning a lot about the lip construction too!  I will continue this drawing course both on my own and at the atelier.

Some notes on the learning from this session :

  • Measure and check relationships of your lines by using a skewer/ plumb lines. A barbecue stick or a bike spoke works well!
  • Image result for slendy eraser
  • Sharpen and use your erasers well and OMG I love these SLENDY Erasers on the left. They are amazing for cleaning up lines and being precise. You can also get the mono mini/fine tips but the deal is to sharpen them to be used to define points.
  • Don’t Get hung up on details. Look at big things, readjust angles and check again. sometimes the problem is not in the measurement but in the angle or relationships of the lines to each other.

I am very excited to get on to the next plate. and perhaps do a few of them on my own. So until then, Keep on Creating!



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