Atelier Diaries 003: The Cardinal

Image result for profile plate bargueI have moved on from the first and is now challenging another plate from these faces. I was thinking of doing the 2nd from the left (Zeus)  but chickened out. So I ended up with the guy to his right, the Cardinal and it took me 9 hours total to finish.

DAY 1:

43624258_504111763397868_4148029511251787776_nThis Old Man.Took 3 hours. But I am faster, learning how to see my mistakes  and even now, staring at it i could see that the eye is smaller and there are a few angles of the nose that i still need to deal with.

Learning how to see. It is what Da Vinci is teaching us. But once you do you simply cannot unsee things. Suddenly I am aware of my measurement, angles and all the other little things that make my drawing of the Cardinal different from Bargue’s

Normally at this point i would say, I did well, but I am definitely far from satisfied. More practice, more looking more figuring out how to draw things is needed.


DAY 2:

Cardinal002It took me all session to get this far. Measurements measurements!But he is nearly there. Just a bit more looking, more seeing. More measuring, more checking with the skewer.  More effort in seeing. But I feel that I am getting faster, I am getting to see more.

I adjusted and moved the eye a lot. I am getting sick of this old man. I need to finish him soon. But I know that he is helping me learn. Patience, Maria.

DAY 3: 

cardinal004-e1540188796379.jpgI am so happy to say farewell to the Cardinal. I could finally say Goodbye to this old man and move on. But definitely he was a happy challenge. Thanks Old Man!

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