Secret Creed

Secret Creed
Secret Creed
A4 watercolor paper , gouache and graphite
Mixed Media

After weeks of trying to finish this 3 part series, I finally succeeded. This is a 3 warrior series called Secret Creed. I used graphite and Gouache for these paintings as a first mixed media piece.

This is a series that had learning to focus in mind. The samurai is where i focused on clothes, the bugeisha archer is on detail and the ninja dynamics. It took a few weeks to complete and i am happy with the results.
Further, these 3 represent courage hope and vigilance.These are things i hope to have in my life.

The Samurai

The samurai represents Courage. He is strong and a symbol of Fire. He represents the quiet strength.

The Bugeisha Archer

The Archer represents Patience and Hope. She is under a fall of detailed leaves


Finally the Ninja is vigilance and persistance to do whatever it takes to finish the mission. I had a hard timedoing the water and hope it really conveys my message

All in all, I really loved this series and I hope that people Enjoy it. If you want to get prints of this, kindly PM me.

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