Windmills and Tulips

Windmills and Tulips, 2019. Maia Castaneda
18×24 inch Coldpress 300 GSM Paper,
Watercolor and Gouache

I started this painting as a present for my niece since we are remodelling her room for Christmas and this was my contribution to her room. She requested tulips and windmills so this is what I thought about. I thought it would be simpler, I already had the graphite set from my NH101 Days so I thought I would just put it on watercolor paper.

Tulips. Graphite. F6 size, 2017

But it was quite the journey. The tulips in the back took me at least 3 days. The sky and the windmills were done in a day however, the flowers! THOSE FLOWERS really took me for a spin. I used a tiny brush to do the back flowers and I remembered a friend telling me that I should be patient and not be impatient or cross with my painting.

I also had a hard time with the flowers in front since she requested multicolor tulips. But it was a true learning experience and a lesson in Patience. Gouache has never been my main medium, but I am learning to love it more and more now.

Below is a little progression slideshow to commemorate my 2 week journey. The little girl is happy and so am I!

Slideshow of Progress for this painting

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