Custom All in One Watercolor Palette

I could barely contain my excitement when this baby came home yesterday. This is my Custom Daniel Smith Watercolor Palette with the CMYK and Zorn Palette. It is custom made by my friend, Architect Allan Jay Quesada and I was really happy to get it!

This palette is designed to be an all- in- one palette that I can take out to plein air or for studio use. The palette features two base palettes : The CMYK for bright colors and the ZORN Palette for more muted/ earthy tones. It also features some shadow colors and convenience colors._

Some Swatches for this palette. Top is the CMYK Gradient Test Bottom is zorn

Here are the colors of the Palette . All Daniel Smith Watercolors.

  1. Titanium White
  2. Lemon Yellow
  3. Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue
  4. Yellow Ochre
  5. Organic Vermillion
  6. Quinacridone Pink
  7. Pthalo Blue
  8. Cobalt Teal
  9. Olive Green
  10. Perylene Green
  11. Shadow Violet
  12. Lamp Black

The CMYK: Pthalo Blue, Quinadricone Pink, Lemon Yellow and Lamp Black
the Zorn Palette: Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Lamp Black and Organic Vermillion

The rationale behind it is that if I can have both CMYK and Zorn, I could create any color I want without having to reach for other colors. I also want to learn how to mix my own colors more and push my learning of watercolors further.

If you want to see the Palette in action and to see how the colors work, here is a video of this baby in action! I named it, Cheshire … by the way, as I am in the habit of naming my things!

I am still exploring this palette and will update definitely with some color studies and exploration videos on how I use this. But definitely it is an exciting time!<3 I love new materials!

I actually completed this bright painting with this palette and I could not be happier ! ❤ Looking forward to many paintings with my child!

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