June is almost over, and I am preparing myself for a new challenge this coming July. Since I truly enjoyed the Portraits I did for #Junebugillustrations, my June Challenge, I decided to still focus on Portraits for July since it tied in with the Kick in the Creatives Challenge and since I really wanted to learn more about drawing people and coloring in different and unique. To make it more interesting and fun, I decided to do a themed challenge again this time DISNEY INSPIRED. I thought of doing the Princesses, but everyone has done that already. So I had a lightbulb moment and thought, “Well, why not focus on the GUYS this time?”

So I came up with this challenge #JulyDisneyGuys Challenge (#julydisneyguyschallenge). I asked friends and followers to shoot me their favorite Disney Guys and came up with a prompt list. At first, I thought I could do a weekly prompt and I would use Digital Art , but as it was also #Worldwatercolormonth according to Doodlewash.com I decided to kill 3 birds in one stone and do this all in watercolor. So now, I am rearing to go and I wish you could join me in my monthlong adventure in drawing all the wonderful Male lead characters of DISNEY.

There are 2 ways you can do it:

You can help spread the word by sharing this post, or my posts on Instagram Twitter or Facebook. You can use any media you wish. As long as you do the prompt and share it with the #julydisneyguys #julydisneyguys challenge. Kindly also tag my social media so I can see your lovely work! At the end of the month, I will choose as much of your work and create a montage/ slideshow on YouTube to showcase everyone’s lovely work.

Honestly, there were so many awesome choices. If you don’t feel like the guy you’re drawing, feel free to switch them around.

I will also choose weekly features to show on all my social media to share your art to the world.

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Tumblr: littlemissmarikit
Ko-fi : ko-fi.com/mrkit
Deviantart: marikitstudios


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