Changing Some stuff

Things have changed a lot lately.

Everything is changing. The world is changing. My art is changing. Change is the only constant thing in the world ( Heraclitus). He is absolutely right. Things has to change if you want to move forward. So I decided to change a lot of things here at Marikit Studios.

  1. Rebranding
    We are phasing out the Little Miss Marikit as it sounds very young. I am growing older and so is my art. So I have decided to stick to Marikit Studios.
  2. I have cleaned up a lot of the links. I will place a page for links and affiliates once I have organized them all.
  3. The Dream Feature tab is now hosting announcements but in the future, I will move it to its own Announcement/news tab. Dream will soon host links to my Writing projects.
  4. We will soon have a projects tab that will hold collections of my art and projects.

This place is evolving so much I need to catch up

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