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Where’s the Reset button?

Hello. Yes, I am here.
I know, I know I have been a very bad Blogger.
I know I have not even touched my blog for a while since I got busy with studying for the JLPT examinations. But that is no excuse to forget this.

I also have been painting/ drawing. I have been mostly working on blending on copic and watercolors and so I would be mostly blogging about those from now on. I have also started to do some calligraphy. So I hope I can write about that more as well.

Anyway, I just popped in to chat and well… here’s an L for you. Hope you like it!



Cannis, Feigl and Heren



artymon_0002It has been a while since I last did fantasy art and I was pleased when I drew this beastmaster from my Floralian Fantasy. His name is Cannis and he has his wyvern Heren and his phoenix friend Fiegl. I inked this using G-pens and Kaimei ink and I decided to make this epic and painted it with alcohol based markers.


This is the painting that I did and if you want to see me color parts of it, please watch the video below. I love this art and I really tested my skill on this. I hope I can keep it up


Cloud Diety

Cloud Diety/ Kumo-sama

This is a marker challenge I did for myself and its still so messy. I am trying to learn how to be patient and color with markers and last night this piece frustrated me. I had to do him over about 10 times because i couldnt get the eyes and everything else right but I wanted to finish him so I did so in a rush. Bad idea.

Tonight, I want to do better with markers. and use techniques I have learned from friends.  But, i guess it’s a learning experience.

By the way check out my new blog at I am their staff blogger and so I am usually posting there daily!