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Coffee Painting

coffee painting

The studio smells heavenly. I just finished my first coffee painting with the guidance of sir Jimmy Uy Tablante (an amazing artist) and I am loving it!

its fun and a challenge to get all my tones right. Toning is really good to learn as an artist because it helps you color and shade better. I think its something that I will practice. I am definitely getting my art to the next level.

I wanna try to do other kinds of art that will enhance my own style.  If I learn more I know I’ll get better…

Painting with coffee isn’t that hard.  It’s like with regular paint but its pretty yummy with the smell. ^__^


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Princess Zaria

“…A beauty truly captivating to see her is to see the true light… and it feels like you have seen something you shouldnt have..” Princess Zaria is a character from Floralia my own story I am creating. She is the symbol of purity and unadulterated beauty. She is untainted and was raised to be that way for a reasonshe started off as a sketch on watercolor paper finished her a few days ago and decided to post her just now\   Here is how she is made


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Marikit’s Wonderland

10154228_10153991133825085_879832950_nAs I was thinking about my blog. I decided to revamp it to make it into something more personal. I am a artist and I know that my blog should reflect it completely. So with watercolors, I created this picture of me and my dog zemo (in humanform) in manga style to show who I am. The design of that art was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland therfore making it my own little fantasy world.

If you want to know how this was created jump down to the cut.

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Ink Tutorial: Inking Overview


So lately I have been into inking. I have been doing this series, The Rozen Maiden dolls fanart completely in inks and I have been enjoying learning about the different types of inking and relearning techniques that I have learned from High School. I have always admired the people who can convey their art in inks — whether western or Manga comic art. So I decided to drabble on it on my own to find my own signature inking style. So far,  it’s been productive and here are things that I have made with just my pens and ink. ( and a little help of copic toning colors)


inked ladiesClick to see the bigger Picture


Pretty don’t you think? Inking is either an artist’s habit or one’s waterloo, but it is an essential skill to be learned in comic art. Knowing how and where to put your lines can make or break your art.  An amazing pencil art could easily be brought to life by inks — or on the other hand unskilled inking can ruin even the best pencils or make a bad pencil art look amazing.  So it is essential to learn this skill — and some people even specialize in INKING. Each artist have their own style of Inking and depending on that style, people grow to love or hate their art.

But before I go further and further from the point (which I probably already have)… In this series, would like to introduce people to the ART OF INKING with the basic techniques, how to do them and what to do and what not to do. Over the course of 5 (or so) blog entries – I hope to take people through inking basics in the hopes to help them — or improve their skills as well as review my own skills. I will try to upload videos, put notes on inking techniques as I go along.

Bear in mind, I am only a hobbyist and also a student of the craft. What I teach is also based on my experience as a self taught artist. So, I can only give practical advice and leave the other things to the pros.

As an overview of the skills we will be discussing here are some of the techniques I have learned….Pen and Ink techniques

Kindly comment with your questions so I can address them in my videos…

BTW, if you are curious about what INKING MATERIALS are needed and that I use check out this VIDEOBLOG I posted before.  Watch marikit studios for updates on this series.



Collab 001: Space Samurai

I wanted to practice my inking and learn a lot more about it so I asked if I can collaborate with a good artist on FB- Buko Fernando. He does nice sketches and he called for Art Jam  and I responded  by telling him I will ink one of his lovely sketches. He came up with this lady:

Buko Fernando's Sketch

Sketch by Buko Fernando

I love how dynamic this sketch was, though rough, I can see a lot of potential in it. So I set to work and inked it traditionally.

Space Samurai Inking Attempt #1

Space Samurai Inking Attempt #1

This is my first attempt in inking her. Pretty good for a first time but I see a lot of mistakes and i know it will not be as dynamic as I hoped it would be colored. >.>  I felt that she was also lacking in form and detail when I started coloring, and even if this was a good enough effort, i found myself wanting more.  So she got scrapped.



Failed coloring. >.>

Failed coloring. >.>

I also hated how she looked colored. >.> the ink was smearing all over the place and the background didn’t give me much room to improve it. Sad to say, she needed to be redone. In all honesty, I was about to give up on her but thank God I didn’t because I came up with something better.

Space Samurai Inking #2

Space Samurai Inking #2

This is the 2nd attempt at inking this baby. More details, tighter inks and space for the SPACE background. Loosely indicated where things should be and will draw in the details as I color.. I hope I don’t mess up. XD

LESSON LEARNED.  Never give up on something. Keep on going even if it means redoing things because the more you do it, the better you become at it. Keep going, believe in yourself.

I myself am still not a perfect artist nor am I perfect in inking or coloring. But I persevere and am patienly practicing to be better.

Next up, coloring this babe!