Haku – Dragon Boy

Hi Guys! This weekend was a Studio Ghibli Weekend! I have  been a long time fan of the studio and absolutely love all the tales that they create. My absolute favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle  and Spirited Away comes into the top of my list as well. Since I was looking to draw something Ghibli,…

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Product Review: Planners and Journals Watercolor Insert

I have  always loved doing art on traveller’s notebook and so I was thrilled when my friends from Planners and Journals sent me a new product to test which is the Watercolor Insert.  I thought that when I first got it, that it was really pretty. It is a standard Midori TN sized planner insert with…

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#FoodartFriday [Banana Split]

This week’s Food Art is Banana Split! I have been craving this since I have had a cold for about 3 weeks now and its loong due that I have ice cream. I had a bit of problem with this since I was not used to painting glass. But I think she looks fine. Now…

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Portable Watercolors: Bringing your Palette with you

I used to think that doing art outside was a hassle because you had to bring STUFF with you. By that, I meant you had to bring an easel, paint, waterbuckets, brushes, mediums, canvas, papers and so on. But lately, I’ve seen artists go out in the world and do travel journaling – and do…

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Goldfish and Lamps

I have been sick the past week so forgive my absence. But in my absence, I was very productive with studying watercolors.   This painting, Kingyo (Goldfish) was long coming. It was a concept from way before which I didn’t know if I had the skills or the guts to do.   The concept is…

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Painting Superheroes: Captain America and Wonderwoman in Watercolor

Last weekend, I painted superheroes. You know, Captain America from Civil war and Wonderwoman (2017 Batman vs. Superman Version) and enjoyed a bit of a challenge since it has been a while since I last painted a portrait of any actual human being so this was a really good chance for me to see if I still had it with portraiture.

Today, I want to share the process on how I painted Captain America and Wonderwoman. For Captain America, I painted him on Khadi Paper (Cotton Rag) and used Winsor Newton Watercolors on him. I actually used the small pallette to do this so I can create my own way of superhero painting.

Wonderwoman was a bigger piece, A4 Arches 300 GSM hot press paper and winsor newton watercolors.

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