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I’ve been Trolled!

Today, I have been trolled. It was rather cute. Thanks Troll!

I agree with critiques. Even if they are as unkind as the one I got in this blog a few days ago. I agree that I have lack of skill, that I still have much to learn and that I shouldn’t quit my day job (don’t worry, I can’t even if i wanted to). My anatomy sucks (yep, agreed again — it’s a love-hate relationship, me and anatomy!) and I generally still suck!

That means I still I have a lot to learn. I still am growing as an artist, that is a given and I am a hobbyist who wanted a chance at commissions. (and believe me, I get commissioned.) What is in this blog is my opinion and what I know.

So what gives anyone the right to clip my wings and not try at the very least to share what I can? Thanks for the opinion. It brought me encouragement to try harder – but for trolls, i think they are rather hard to please. ( you know, them disliking everything) so, I’d like this to be an encouragement to all other normal beings out there.

And for the record, I haven’t really put my new stuff here, (been lazy to) so! ( I should though) So here’s a few of the copic works that I have ( still have NOT uploaded my watercolor works) to show that I ahve been working (though lurking) at this place. I will though, upload some of my watercolor studies today so watch for itEratofinal ZhravenandPuck

All things new

Happy New year!

New Marikit StudiosI realized that I haven’t posted here since the year has changed and I think as bloggers go, I kinda suck at keeping up. I do have some valid excuses.

I had to set up and move to a new house, which means new studio as you can see on the right. I designed the studio as my own safehaven, a place where I can be myself. Its served me well for the past few days, though I still have a lot to add to it.

Anyway, I realized that I haven’t posted the picture of Mochi. So I think I need to do that now. XD He was finished a few days before the holidays and it was really fun drawing him. It was the first time I drew an actual animal with a ton of fur. Plus those glass EYES! I am proud of myself!The owner loved him and I hope to frame him and give it as a present soon..

Mochi,  Colored Pencils 2014

Mochi, Colored Pencils 2014

I have also been productive with watercolors and copics lately and most of my work can be seen in my facebook page this is one of my favorites, Lumen: Light of the forest. Done to ease the pain of not being able to go to a certain trip. I drew her quite lonely in the forest. though, the bg is messy. I’ll work on creating more BGs soon.


For this new year, I hope to bring more tutorials and stuff that I learned about in my journey into art.
ENJOY 2015

A Rant and Mochi, the cat

First of all, I guess some more learned people have read my blog and frankly disagrees with some of the things I have said here. I do know that I am in no way an expert and am still learning about the craft. I am merely sharing what I know and yes if what I say is “RIDICULOUS” then it must be so, but I know this : My blog has helped a lot of people and I will continue to write this blog to help other artists learn more.


1908161_844994755552131_7492325034892898035_nNow that I got that off my chest, I haven’t blogged in a while right? Well, perfectly good reason for that. Things had started to become crazy in the office! But then, I have never forgotten about art.

Lately, I have started to rekindle my love for colored pencils and decided that I should conquer my fear of drawing animals and fur. I took a picture of my friend’s cat and  decided to draw Mochi. He’s such an adorable and special little kitty so I really wanted to capture him especially his emerald eyes.

I actually was scared of doing the fur. First, I have had little to no experience of drawing any sort of animal >.> second, it just seems daunting to render something soft and fluffy and I didnt want it to turn into something like an alien.

So I plunged on using some knowledge in layering and little strokes as well as some tutorials off the net. It was a really intimidating task but Mochi seems to be asking me nicely to draw him.

As with all my art, I start with the eyes. It was a make or break for me and i I had to ask for reference from Mochi’s owner Brian.


AND LOOK!! I actually succeeded in creating glass eyes! I am so happy! ❤ I used prismacolors — I have to look at the numbers again, but mostly light greens, blue greens and yellows to create this effect. I also can’t believe that the picture looks like an actual cat. XD

So, yay! I think I can do this. I’ll update more soon!

UPDATES: Art Books and Art Groups

I have been idle in the blog for a bit after BOA to take care of some personal things such as health and my grandma but since then, I have not stopped creating. I average something around an artwork a day. Anyway, things have been busy in the creation process since I had huge projects — commissioned portraits and stuff to do. Generally been good.

Read More…

I am still alive! (somewhat)

After a long hiatus, I’m back again. I’m not dead. Just busy and I have been sick a lot. Sorry about that. Asthma and my right side pain has always been bothering me so I was doomed to rest. Which was one bad thing since I have a convention coming up.

I’ll be in Best of ANime (Sept 19-21) at SMX Moa. BOOTH A1. ^__^ Check me out with a friend, Zie reyes. We are sponsored by Pmangahub and Artmedia trading. Looking forward to meeting some artists and chat with them about materials and stuff!!

I’ll be back soon to upload my videos, tutorials and random art stuff here. So keep tuned in…

Oh! I updated my commission information!  I decided to stick to traditional art. Hopefully, this sells! ^__^

I have also been working on portraits lately– its back to colored pencil for me… wanna see?

IMG_20140828_0001 IMG_20140828_0002

Kenshin and Yamashita Tomohisa. I am glad i still have the hang of my pencils. In fact I missed them!

This is my current work in Progress. Cho from kenshin. The details on it kill me since I have no idea how to do his hair. At least I succeeded in doing his armor. XD

Will try to be more regular in posting here! 


Art on a Budget

My Anime club has an activity for the in-club artists to exchange ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) and I have spoken to a few people lately and I have discovered one thing in common– they are scared to color their work. Wait… WHUT?!

A lot of people do lineart quite painstakingly and simply do not have the energy to color. I understand that completely since I do take my time to ink my work and finish the sketch completely before I do delve into color.  Some of them, say they don’t want to ruin their drawing by poor coloring.  And one of them said it’s because they simply do not know how to color or what colors to choose.

… alright, all understandable…

But there was one who said, “Because coloring materials and inking materials need to be top class to make good art.”

Excuse me, but I beg to disagree.

Sure, a good quality colored pencil may cost more, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a cheaper version to color with. It’s not the materials themselves but how you use such materials to create art.

So this gave me an idea… this month of June. My theme is “ART ON A BUDGET” — Meaning, I am going to discuss different ways to use cheap materials, DIY tips on blenders etc and smart buys and suppliers for those budding artists on a budget.  I will do it in Several parts which may include:

  • Cheap-ass Manga Material Shopping-  which will go through the materials we can find on a budget, where to find them as well as how to be smart when buying art materials.
  • Creative ways to Color – a look on how to use color/materials and some things on color theory. I may share blending techniques.
  • Cheap Supplies and Suppliers
  • How to take care of materials – because part of being thrifty is not wasting materials

I hope you follow the series which I will launch soon!