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Inktober Day8: Rock

for inktober 8 i drew precious gems and stones for the Rock theme. all those dark parts are inked with a muji pen. it is water soluble:)

Inktober day1 : Fast

The first theme for Inktober is FAST so I thought about horses. At first I was going with Shadowfax but, I figured its just gonna be an ordinary horse.

my original sketch of asfaloth had Glorfindel (Not arwen) with him. But since he is sooo fast he left glorfindel ( or I messed up) 🙂

anyway Noro Lim in elvish apparently means “Ride Fast” so its in theme

I am enjoying Inktober way too much!

Inktober 1/31

it is funny that on this day I have 3 art. Hagumi Hanamoto was a request from a friend, Legolas was for ink only practice and my entry today for my personal inktober prompt was Alice! :$ it starts!! inktober !! and i hope to finish !!

Portable Watercolors: Bringing your Palette with you

I used to think that doing art outside was a hassle because you had to bring STUFF with you. By that, I meant you had to bring an easel, paint, waterbuckets, brushes, mediums, canvas, papers and so on. But lately, I’ve seen artists go out in the world and do travel journaling – and do wonderful watercolors without breaking their back  to bring all the heavy equipment. That’s where I discovered the beauty of portable watercolor palettes.

Although, I have bought some of the portable ones like the Winsor and Newton Travel Kit and the Sakura Koi Field box 24s I find them very bulky to carry around and a bother to paint with while I am on the go. So I just brought the Winsor with me and bring a huge bag.

But as I was reading about people who do plein air art and travel journaling, I found that some carry their own palette in an altoid tin case.  I also found an excellent tiny set from Sennelier from the Craft Central that was compact enough for my needs.  So this is what I ended up with


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