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Classical Master Study: Monalisa

Monalisa , Master Study 2019
Gouache on Watercolor Paper

The Monalisa. La Giaconda is one of the most loved paintings of the world. This is my attempt at recreating this beautiful classical art painting through a Master Study of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. It was not an easy feat in any way, the whole challenge took me three whole days , a lot of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and a lot of tears.

I used Gouache because I could not use oil in this and I thought it would be interesting to see how far I can go with the MIYA HIMI Gouache set that I have. It worked! And if I had more patience I could have done a lot more with this painting

I guess the biggest takeaway from this is that I need to focus on details. I need to be more patient with my art and I really need to study and practice. It is the key to improvement.

I am very proud of myself for doing this and although it is far from perfect, I really like the result. Its not bad. But it could be better.

The below video is a testament to my adventures into the work of Leonardo da Vinci.