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Inktober Day8: Rock

for inktober 8 i drew precious gems and stones for the Rock theme. all those dark parts are inked with a muji pen. it is water soluble:)

inktober day 7 : Lost 

​​I did a speedpaint for Day 7: Lost and it is of Nico di Angelo from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.Check it out below!

Nico is a lost child  and he spent a lot of time being searched for by people. So I thought he would be a good subject… Plus i got a request. Hit 2 birds with one stone right? so here

that is the final picture and here is how i did it

there will be some new stuff coming on the blog! 🙂 watch out for it soon!

Inktober days 3-6 Prompts

Ok, so it was busy! But I have to update you on my  Inktober stuff. I have not missed a day and it really was fun.  Just click to see the full picture!


For obvious reasons , I collect ART MATERIALS. I am a hoarder and I cant seem to stop! I did this inktober on my art journal/ leuchtturm1917 had fun with using plain inks and just drawing in the raw.


A 10 minute sketch of ponyo and her ham ramen XD this was a crowd favorite. I inked with brushpens, colored with copics and yeah, made a rough mess. but this was fun!


I was literally sad this day as I had a a migraine. Drew this one at the doctors office on my Bullet Journal


 In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
I thought that it was appropriate,  hobbits are creatures that can stay unseen to those they do not want to see them and they stay hidden in the Shire. Plus, Bagend was hidden under the tree.Done with brush pens and copics in 15 mins. I had a lot of fun!

Tonight I do DAY 7! So far so good! i have not missed a day!


Inktober day1 : Fast

The first theme for Inktober is FAST so I thought about horses. At first I was going with Shadowfax but, I figured its just gonna be an ordinary horse.

my original sketch of asfaloth had Glorfindel (Not arwen) with him. But since he is sooo fast he left glorfindel ( or I messed up) 🙂

anyway Noro Lim in elvish apparently means “Ride Fast” so its in theme

I am enjoying Inktober way too much!

Inktober 1/31

it is funny that on this day I have 3 art. Hagumi Hanamoto was a request from a friend, Legolas was for ink only practice and my entry today for my personal inktober prompt was Alice! :$ it starts!! inktober !! and i hope to finish !!