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Marikit Studios Creative Space Tour 2020

Actually cleaned my studio and I LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE IT! It is nice and bright and organized now. you can check out the completed studio tour below. Come see where the magic happens!

Lessons learned from Painting Spiderman

A successful Spidey!

I finally finished this guy successfully. Painting Tom Holland was something I didn ‘t think would be too hard. I mean, he’s caucasian and I have done that before. Plus his face seemed to be easy enough. So I had set up myself for an “easy Sunday painting afternoon.” WRONG.

I had a really hard time with my first attempt. I did it in Khadi Handmade paper, which I really don’t get along with. That was my first mistake. I thought that since I had some, I should use it. But I had a hard time getting all my tones together and I also had some sizing issues with that paper. So It was not a pleasant painting experience at all. I learned to choose my materials wisely. I have to be aware and test first before jumping with both feet in and painting away, to avoid frustrations and heartaches in the future.

Second mistake, I chose a difficult reference. I chose a picture of Tom Holland with different lighting. and I thought I could recreate it. But it was a total nightmare. I couldn’t get him to look right. I was confused by a lot of the elements in my reference and I didn’t know how to fix them. I learned that I really need to be careful in choosing my reference pictures and not choose them just because they look cool. I need to see if they are good references for me. I am still learning.


Finally, I learned to start over and do it again. I learned not to give up and persevere. This time I chose Bockingford Hot Press and I slowed down my process. I also chose an easier reference and this time, i thought about it more. I kind of succeeded, right? I was really happy with this one and I reallly like how it turned out that I released the timelapse video. Check it out below.

I was Featured?! and What I have been up to.

Yup. Lost. I was lost for more than a year. That is all I can say about my whirlwind 2019. There has been a lot going on in 2019 that I neglected this blog completely. But you know what they say, 3rd time’s a charm?

So here I am again, trying to make this work.


  1. I moved back home to the Philippines
  2. I started playing with Gouache ( I finished GOUACHETOBER!)
  3. I paint Landscapes
  1. I finished 2 Sketchbooks

4. I got featured at YOUTUBE!

5. I started a Youtube Channel.

So there are the 5 things that I have been up to and so now on to the new stuff! Thanks for bearing with my long absence! I will definitely update this page from now on

The Man of Steel

41680124_2008865129165082_5723692294477971456_nIt’s a Bird! It’s a plane. OMG Marikit is drawing a DC Character other than Flash and WONDERWOMAN! It’s SUPERMAN!

The Sketchtember theme today was COMIC BOOK HERO so who is the quintessential hero? SUPERMAN. I decided it because I just want to draw some classic superhero and really concentrate on how I can render it.  And Lo and behold, I could actually draw the classic Reeves Superman!

You can see the speedpaint process below to see how I drew this classic Man of Steel! I used the bargue process of using general huge shapes first and filling it in, its been working pretty well for me, but I guess– MORE HOURS and More Practice. PLUS, I  do think that I need to start rendering out bigger and completed works than sketches.  So Up , up and AWAY!!

inktober day 7 : Lost 

​​I did a speedpaint for Day 7: Lost and it is of Nico di Angelo from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.Check it out below!

Nico is a lost child  and he spent a lot of time being searched for by people. So I thought he would be a good subject… Plus i got a request. Hit 2 birds with one stone right? so here

that is the final picture and here is how i did it

there will be some new stuff coming on the blog! 🙂 watch out for it soon!

Restart, Refresh, Rewind

Hey you guys! I know I have been absent for a while now and yep, I have been kidnapped by work and I have been in and out of the hospital a while now. Anyway, I am back and hopefully for good this time.

In my absence I never forgot art, so as a reparation gift and to make up for the absence, I am presenting the following video.

I will be restarting my VLOG and youtube channel as well as this blog and update my art here more. I do hope that you can support me once again.

The video below is my painting of Jiroutachi of Touken Ranbu. Love the character style and yes, he’s a guy. But he’s just so pretty! Hope you enjoy

You can see the original at  :

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