Sunrise Fields

Watermarked for Protection.

This piece is special to me. It is the first piece where I totally rendered the grass and studied it. I was loosely guided by an online tutorial but the efforts were all my own. I remembered this one well as I talked to my friend the Bear about creating blades of grass from a Magic the Gathering Card called Plains (I think John Avon was the artist, correct me if I am wrong). He helped guide me throughout this process and I am forever grateful to him. Also inspired by the provincial grass of my childhood during the summer sunrise. It is a picture forever etched in my brain.

But I submitted this piece to an online Gallery show for Museo el Deposito for their #TubigAtSiningSaTahanan Gallery show during the Pandemic. According to their page, Tubig at Sining is originally an art workshop for kids using watercolor, held last 2019. This year, Museo El Deposito has invited the netizens to submit a photo of their original watercolor art creation to be exhibited online which will feature 13 selected artworks from the submissions with various theme and interpretation The said online art exhibit wishes to show artworks that could inspire and uplift the mood of their museum’s social media followers especially during the time of the pandemic

I did not expect much from that application. But this morning, I recieved a message that I got in and I was the 2nd featured from the 13 selected artworks! What an honor! Thank you so much Museo El Deposito. I am still in SHOCK. I didn’t know my paint blobs could get into such a place of prestige.

Their post
With Caption

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