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Bagshot Row

Watercolor, 2019

Possibly my most detailed painting yet, this is a snapshot of where the Gardener, Samwise Gamgee lives. This is his beautiful garden. I painted this back when I was studying environments and I really love how it turned out All the little details of the pansies, the little waterpail, the grass they all seem to stand out. I really enjoyed this piece and would like to make more environmental studies like these since I am weak at drawing backgrounds.

July Disney Guys

All month of July I drew some DISNEY GUYS for my July Challenge. I will doing this with Kick in the Creatives #PortraitJuly prompt and’s World Water Color Month so I can push my watercolor skills and enjoy doing Disney Fanart! You can also join the challenge by clicking here

I have finished these series and have featured the ones who participated on my Instagram! Thank you so much for joining me in this wonderful series!

Also if you like these and would like to feature/reblog them let me know! CTTO is not enough for credit. I want to know where my boys go! If you want unwatermarked version, I will offer them soon for Patreon or Ko-Fi Subs. Thank you!

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