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On Original Illustrations

I realized, I have not updated this blog on my original illustrations and I should scan my Original works. From now on, since I also just learned how to use my Portfolio thing on this site, I will start creating pages for my original works, especially illustration pieces. I have started to populate the categories with my art and hopefully you like my originals too

Here are a few of them, you can click on the image to go to their project page.

Rose Gold, Watercolor 2020
Wonderland Moments, 2020

There are a lot of updated sections on the PORTFOLIO and still updating! So will let you know when finished!

2020 Update

It is June 1st. The first day of the 2nd half of 2020 and I feel like I have been living in a bubble. Honestly, I have not seen the outside world for more than three months. My world has definitely become smaller, everything has turned upside down and this pandemic has changed the world.

But I am not here to talk about politics, the pandemic or what is going on around the world. (You can see enough of that everywhere else) I am talking about what has been going on since I last posted in this blog. I guess, I turned more to physical journaling rather than posting my thoughts online, but I know I need to somehow get back to this online world thing.

This change in the world is not all that bad. There are a lot of things that I accomplished whilst I am stuck in my bubble.

  • I have completed Two Sketchbooks I started in 2019. One of them I have completed a sketchbook tour for.
  • I have completed the Udraw #50juiceheads challenge and improved my portraiture skills. You can check the challenge out at the drawjuice.com website or the Facebook group.
  • I have been featured on Sketchbook Revival‘s newsletter which I posted below .
  • I also have started new Illustrations and paintings in a new style I am proud of.
  • I also am releasing more videos and blogs.

So, things are definitely looking up in 2020, even though I am living in a bubble. I have a lot of plans this 2020 including a series of paintings, some light novel releases and a lot of studies and illustration.

So please keep creating, stay safe and sane! ❤

Shop at Society 6


I am excited to announce that I  finally have my Society6 shop with art. For those of you not familiar with Society6, it is a website which gives the artists the opportunity to upload art and immediately offer artwork for sale as art prints, home decor, clothes etc etc. Society6 produces these products- on demand and ships them world wide! Yep, WORLDWIDE.

I have started sellling just recently and I am hoping for your support! Thanks so much!

UPDATES: Art Books and Art Groups

I have been idle in the blog for a bit after BOA to take care of some personal things such as health and my grandma but since then, I have not stopped creating. I average something around an artwork a day. Anyway, things have been busy in the creation process since I had huge projects — commissioned portraits and stuff to do. Generally been good.

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ANNOUNCEMENT!! Marikit is with Pmangahub.com and Artmedia Trading


I am not dead yet~!! In fact, I am stepping up!

Marikit is now a part of pmangahub.com as a blogger and staff writer . The site is wonderful (as well as the staff) and they are dedicated to creating a interactive environment for Manga lovers, artists, writers and all other otakus. So, I guess most of my articles, tutorials and stuff will be going there. So, don’t you fret, dear readers. 

Marikit’s funky tutorials will be back with a fury. I will also bring you more material reviews alongside the material supplier ( and my favorite store) Artmedia Trading, to bring you the latest in Manga and Art Materials, how to use them, how to create manga on a budget and more. I might even share a technique or two!  ( Of course I am no expert yet — but I am learning)

Join me in my next step into the world of manga creation, ok?