#foodartfriday Pizza

food art friday is done its yummy pizza!! Whats your favorite flavor?

New Watercolor Journal

I was very sick this week and I got hit by a bug last Sunday and sadly didn’t make it to my niece’s birthday this week. So, I was at home,  and was staring at my studio and decided to be productive and update this blog.

I actually started a watercolor journal again this week that is dedicated to watercolor studies. I used a A4 sized Monologue Sketch book which is just the right size for me. The inside cover, I used to make a color chart and mixing thing of my favorite travel palette, the Winsor and Newton travel box which I got from the sweet Jane Fox of Artsy Lifestyle PHwho has always been my enabler.


I started doing studies of things I want to paint in my sketchbook which included some landscape ( I really suck at it), animals, techniques, quick thumbnail sketches of my art and even some character sketches. See the slideshow below for some samples

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I want to get into the habit of noting down things about my art I want to improve. I also want to note down colors I used.  The journal really helped me see where I need to study in my art and where my strengths lie.

I’ll be linking  below to my flipthrough later. ^__^ watch out for it!

Food Art Friday: Sakuranbo to Ringo (Cherries and Apples)


To those who read Kanji, don’t laugh. I didn’t bother changing it since I already made a mistake. To those who dont, phew!! That’s a cherry… Sakuranbo in Japanese and I painted this for my Food art fridays.

Paappleinting cherries is similar to painting apples they start with the lightest lemon yellow and I gradually build up the gradient to reds and purples. I guess whats different is the way you render apples and cherries. Cherries are smoother and dont have the lines that apple have. also, cherries have unusual shapes and are smaller, thus a challenge to actually render.

Painting fruit teaches me how to layer color and play with light. I think though, I need more practice, but that’s why I am doing this Food Art Friday.


Tiny Paintings


I actually did something this weekend that made me quite happy. I did some watercolor tests/thumbnails on a piece of Arches 300 GSM Rough here it is below. I tested myself on freehanding some things and well I think I still need a lot of practice.

So, little bird on the top was a test on brighter colors. The Koi Fish is actually a test if I can actually paint fish and I think I did ok. the Inspire tag is an idea for a journal border, although my lettering needs a LOT of work. I love the feathers and the varying colors though. The Jellyfish is my tiny attempt .. but it is still a fail. The Cat and the snowy mountain is just a salt test. ( I put wayyy too much) and I did another feather one which I love. I would probably just delete the wonky lettering below.



It’s not that bad and in fact, I do like some of the designs that I came up with. I don’t mind sticking birdy and fishy on my journal actually or blowing them up for a full painting. So still I am a work in progress and here’s hoping for mastery and praying for improvement.