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Join me for #Julydisneyguys challenge this JULY!

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I was Featured?! and What I have been up to.

Yup. Lost. I was lost for more than a year. That is all I can say about my whirlwind 2019. There has been a lot going on in 2019 that I neglected this blog completely. But you know what they say, 3rd time’s a charm?

So here I am again, trying to make this work.


  1. I moved back home to the Philippines
  2. I started playing with Gouache ( I finished GOUACHETOBER!)
  3. I paint Landscapes
  1. I finished 2 Sketchbooks

4. I got featured at Kickinthecreatives.com YOUTUBE!

5. I started a Youtube Channel.

So there are the 5 things that I have been up to and so now on to the new stuff! Thanks for bearing with my long absence! I will definitely update this page from now on

Atelier Diaries 001: Draw like the Masters, Learn like the Masters.

I wanna draw as good as Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo ( and I don’t mean the Ninja Turtles– although, you have to admit they are cool!) I want to be able to capture the essence of things , the tone of things, color etc.  I want to improve my art and draw amazing poses, paint backgrounds that wow — and be able to express myself fully in the way of the Masters …. BUT HOW?!

As a self-taught artist, the struggle is real. You are your own teacher therefore, your mistakes will be the same mistakes as your teacher. It becomes a vicious cycle of the same stubborn mistake over and over. I need a teacher, a Master, a sensei – another eye that will help see my mistakes and point them out and push me from GOOD ENOUGH to BETTER and then to become the best. I have worked hard by myself to learn as much as I can but I guess, without that added push — it will be impossible.

So with the help of YOUTUBE and Mr. Google, I did my research and came up with a plan to be able to draw better, and obtain my goal of drawing like the masters. The plan is to be able  to Draw like the Masters,  I have to  Learn like the Masters. So here is what I did…

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This is definitely happening. I got this sketchbook from a friend here in Japan who remains to be unnamed. She challenged me to do this BIG BADASS SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE which is simply the SKETCHBOOK SLAM CHALLENGE (#sketchbookslam) that has a lot of the artists on all forms of social media going.  Basically, its a challenge to fill this 600 page 8×10 sketchbook in one month. I see a lot of the finished sketchbook tours on youtube, instagram and facebook and I thought “WOW!” is that actually possible?

However, since I have a life and I think it would be more productive for me if I can do this challenge without killing my hand. I decided to do things a little differently.
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