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I drew a tree

Drawing Baby Groot and thoughts while drawing this adorable tree.

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The Man of Steel

41680124_2008865129165082_5723692294477971456_nIt’s a Bird! It’s a plane. OMG Marikit is drawing a DC Character other than Flash and WONDERWOMAN! It’s SUPERMAN!

The Sketchtember theme today was COMIC BOOK HERO so who is the quintessential hero? SUPERMAN. I decided it because I just want to draw some classic superhero and really concentrate on how I can render it.  And Lo and behold, I could actually draw the classic Reeves Superman!

You can see the speedpaint process below to see how I drew this classic Man of Steel! I used the bargue process of using general huge shapes first and filling it in, its been working pretty well for me, but I guess– MORE HOURS and More Practice. PLUS, I  do think that I need to start rendering out bigger and completed works than sketches.  So Up , up and AWAY!!

Haku – Dragon Boy


Hi Guys! This weekend was a Studio Ghibli Weekend! I have  been a long time fan of the studio and absolutely love all the tales that they create. My absolute favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle  and Spirited Away comes into the top of my list as well. Since I was looking to draw something Ghibli, I decided to give the boy dragon, Haku a go.

I first planned the art in my Leuchtturm1917 Fauxbonichi and I used some new pans I got from Sennelier for the colors. Drawing the dragon was a challenge too and showing his “fur” was another, luckily I kind of pulled it off. The original art had the paper dolls that attacked haku, but i kidn of forgot to inclued it in the finished piece.

I wanted to keep Haku mystical and young. I wanted to show how pretty he was as well and drew him face forward with his dragon form wrapped around him. The background was anoother galaxy background, although next time I should really do something more about it.

I used a 300 GSM coldpress paper from Pack of Possibilities from Artisan MNL. Its a 5 x7 paper that takes to my abuse well.

Below the cut is the pictures of the Scan and the Photo I took of the final

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Goldfish and Lamps


Kingyo/ Watercolor / August 2016

I have been sick the past week so forgive my absence. But in my absence, I was very productive with studying watercolors.   This painting, Kingyo (Goldfish) was long coming. It was a concept from way before which I didn’t know if I had the skills or the guts to do.


The concept is a Matsuri/ Japanese festival where the girl won a goldfish. And I had some idea of goldfish swimming around her playfully as she recalls the memory of how she won her trinket. I wanted to do playful primaries. I did this on Arches Hotpress and I loved the experience

I want to redo the concept to make the kimono prettier  and the goldfish brighter. I also can’t decide on which scan to use since the scanner kills my colors.


Lamplighter/ August 2016

The next watercolor illustration is done one arches coldpress paper , 300 GSM. The painting turned out smoother than the first one although the background employed the same techniques of salting and wet on wet.

The painting is still a Matsuri painting where the girl is holding a lamp for a festival dance or parade. I did the galaxy background on it to show the evening sky. I was trying to emphasize the lamp light and I think I did ok with it. The hair was my biggest decision. I wanted somethign that wont distract from the rest of the picture and I hope I did the right thing by pulling in the colors of the bg.

I still have a lot to work on with folds and cloth and I need patience to do kimono design.

I think I will do more studies on cloth and learn more watercolor blending in the future. Hopefully I willmaster this illustration tool.


Food Art Friday: Sakuranbo to Ringo (Cherries and Apples)


To those who read Kanji, don’t laugh. I didn’t bother changing it since I already made a mistake. To those who dont, phew!! That’s a cherry… Sakuranbo in Japanese and I painted this for my Food art fridays.

Paappleinting cherries is similar to painting apples they start with the lightest lemon yellow and I gradually build up the gradient to reds and purples. I guess whats different is the way you render apples and cherries. Cherries are smoother and dont have the lines that apple have. also, cherries have unusual shapes and are smaller, thus a challenge to actually render.

Painting fruit teaches me how to layer color and play with light. I think though, I need more practice, but that’s why I am doing this Food Art Friday.


Restart, Refresh, Rewind

Hey you guys! I know I have been absent for a while now and yep, I have been kidnapped by work and I have been in and out of the hospital a while now. Anyway, I am back and hopefully for good this time.

In my absence I never forgot art, so as a reparation gift and to make up for the absence, I am presenting the following video.

I will be restarting my VLOG and youtube channel as well as this blog and update my art here more. I do hope that you can support me once again.

The video below is my painting of Jiroutachi of Touken Ranbu. Love the character style and yes, he’s a guy. But he’s just so pretty! Hope you enjoy

You can see the original at  : http://fav.me/d9nr41u

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