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I’ve been Trolled!

Today, I have been trolled. It was rather cute. Thanks Troll!

I agree with critiques. Even if they are as unkind as the one I got in this blog a few days ago. I agree that I have lack of skill, that I still have much to learn and that I shouldn’t quit my day job (don’t worry, I can’t even if i wanted to). My anatomy sucks (yep, agreed again — it’s a love-hate relationship, me and anatomy!) and I generally still suck!

That means I still I have a lot to learn. I still am growing as an artist, that is a given and I am a hobbyist who wanted a chance at commissions. (and believe me, I get commissioned.) What is in this blog is my opinion and what I know.

So what gives anyone the right to clip my wings and not try at the very least to share what I can? Thanks for the opinion. It brought me encouragement to try harder – but for trolls, i think they are rather hard to please. ( you know, them disliking everything) so, I’d like this to be an encouragement to all other normal beings out there.

And for the record, I haven’t really put my new stuff here, (been lazy to) so! ( I should though) So here’s a few of the copic works that I have ( still have NOT uploaded my watercolor works) to show that I ahve been working (though lurking) at this place. I will though, upload some of my watercolor studies today so watch for itEratofinal ZhravenandPuck