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5x7 Hotpress Paper

Sparrow 2015 5×7 Hotpress Paper

Birds, cute feathery tweet-tweets in an array of different colors. I love them. Its just that I have never painted them and when I tried, If ound that they were fun to paint, challenging as I could not make their feathers look stiff. I also had to check the light that bounces off their feathers,  and their sharp expressions. Birds are just beautiful creatures.

The first trial I did of the birdsa t least after the owls was the picture on the left. The painting was done on Hotpress paper,which was pretty new to me. But it was fun to do and a light project for me to create on that day.

Sleepy Sparrow

Sleepy Sparrow 2015 (c) Little Miss Marikit Watercolor

I had to figure out how to light it, give it life and make it look fluffy. I still have a lot of things to learn about painting feathers so this is a treat.  It really challenged me to focus on details and create focus on the softness of the bird.

Color is also important when creating birds. you have to make sure that you capture their vibrant feathers. And I tried to do it in this rendition of a hummingbird with inktense pencils and  watercolor on hotpress.

I definitely have to do more and create more birds to learn them but its fun learning in the process. And I hope i do justice to these beautiful animals.


Hummingbird, 2015 Hotpress watercolor (c) Littlemissmarikit

Painting Owls

Rainbow Owl

Rainbow Owl (4×6 inches/ watercolor) Little Miss Marikit, August 2015

Owls are really majestic creatures and I love them. I love looking into their huge eyes and getting lost in them and so when a friend requested me to paint her 2 owls, I jumped in.

At first. I thought I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I have never drawn birds, let alone an owl. So yeah i did it all by feel,  I tried and failed many times before I came up with this guy on the right.

Rainbow Owl, as I call him was inspired by a google picture of this beautiful brown owl with soulful eyes. I painted the eyes first and then I decided, on the spot that he should be magical. You know, like Hedwig magical. I wanted him to sparkle in the night sky. I used simple colors on him, wet on wet for the feathers, allowed it to dry and enhanced it with a semi wet brush to do feathers.

It was relaxing to create it, there was not a lot of pressure in creating them. I just knew what it was that I wanted to show in my head and this thing happened.

The Second owl I painted was a close up. I do love owl eyes look and most people think that i draw my manga eyes like owl eyes. XD
Big and bright. I would like to think that they are mesmerizing to look at as well.

In any case, Stardust Owl, came to being after I was inspired by an  owl named Zeus. He was blind and had stars in his eyes. His eyes looked so starry it was hard to look away. He was beautiful and I knew I wanted to paint another owl which was like him.

Stardust owlI attempted Zeus many times and failed until I decided to use a regular owl’s eyes and use the colors around the dark pupil. It worked! I was so happy. Now, stardust can stare at me with those beautiful eyes any time.

These owls are a learning experience for me. A time for me to challenge myself in painting. There is a looong way to go but at least I can do owls now. Maybe next time, I’ll try a hummingbird, or a cat.