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Webtoon Up! Hachi’s Field Journal for Aliens

Hi Guys! My webtoon that I have been working on.  The comic is about Hachi, a student of Hanamori University who is a self confessed Alien. He shares his thoughts about the world around him and his really unique world view.

Hachi has been in my head for 6 years. I guess its time to get him out there. I hope for your continued support ❤ Check him out at TAPAS! Click his banner above to get to him or click here .

we will also attempt to update it in WEBTOONS etc. Check here for more updates!! Thank you!  his adventure will start in JANUARY 2019!

Venturing into the World of Tapastic

It’s always been a goal of mine to start a webcomic. It has been a perpetual goal since I love reading them and has always admired the skills and patience of mangakas and comic artists. I mean, comics do take time and patience and commitment. You can’t just put a comic on there and leave it. It takes a lot from the artist and putting your story out there is nervewracking.

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